Movember 2013

Calling All Mo Brothers & Mo Sistas!

In case you hadn't noticed, the month of Movember is in full swing!  Once again, we'd like to asking for your help by supporting UCD campaigns to change the face of men’s health.

In the midst of exams, deadlines, social lives and the countless activities that fill up our diaries, it is easy at times to lose sight of why we all study and work at a medical school: to improve the health of people and society.

That’s why, this November I want you, your friends, your lecturers, your family and everyone that is capable of sprouting even the most snigger-inducing mo to become walking, talking, moustachioed campaigners for men’s health and prostate cancer research.  For the facial hair-challenged females among us (or Mo Sistas, as we like to call them), you too can get on board by supporting the men in your work and lives.  We need to raise money and raise awareness of the UCD Movember campaigns.

I am deeply proud to work at the interface of medical research and men’s health. My role, as UCD principal investigator of the Prostate Cancer Research Consortium, has afforded me the opportunity to work in an area in which medical science is having a real and demonstrable impact on the lives of patients at home and internationally.

I’m asking for your help, your time, your humour and your commitment to grow your Mo this Movember.

Prof Bill Watson

How You can Help

Grow Your Mo!

Why not enter into the spirit of the Movember campaign by growing a moustache.  Go on, we know you've always wanted to try it but couldn't ever work up the courage.  This is the perfect time to try.  You might be surprised by the results. 

(Did we mention that women report that they find men with facial hair more attractive?)

Raise Some Dough!

Once you've started growing your mo' you can start raising some dough.  Register with Movember Ireland and start shaking down your friends, colleagues and lovers for some cash.

Mo Sistas, don't feel left out.  Why not raise some dough your own way.  You could take part in the UCD Medicine Great Movember Bake Off.  Show off your hidden culinary skills.  You could be surprised at the reaction.

(Did we mention that most men's vision of a perfect partner is someone who is a domestic god/goddess?)

Shake Your Stuff!

Whatever way you choose to support Movember, just remember that it is principally about fund-raising.  So get out there and shake a tin, ask for cash. Send folk to your Movember page.

(Did we mention that most people want to be friends with people who make money?!)

Tell a Mate!

There is no point in keeping quiet about that wonderous moustache or your fabulous bakewell tart.  You need to tell folk about your efforts.  Tell them why you are doing it and tell them how they can help.  We need to raise both money for, and awareness of men's health.

(Did we mention yet that is is always good to talk?)