October 2012

UCD Students at Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Society of Europe Annual Meeting

Tue, 2 October 12 09:00

UCD Medicine Students at Lisbon Radiology Conference 

Six UCD medicine students recently benefitted from sponsored attendance at the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Society of Europe annual meeting in Lisbon, Portugal. The students (Sean Fitzpatrick, Mark Murphy, Neil Wallace, Brian Gibney, Agnes Jonnson and Rory Murphy)  attended with Dr Leo Lawler, Senior Lecturer at UCD and Consultant Radiologist at Mater Misericordiae University Hospital.

The Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Society of Europe is now the recognised body covering interventional radiology in Europe. Its annual meeting is the largest interventional radiology meeting in the world. The meeting content includes radiologists and those from allied medical science fields working together to develop synergies for imaging guided therapies.

Oncology and cardiovascular disease are a major focus but virtually all aspects of medical and surgical disease are represented. The meeting also provides a forum for innovation and development, feeding into advancing medical science and the knowledge-based economy.

The society generously sponsors medical students to attend and, apart from a dedicated lecture, they are free to attend seminars and guided toward the activities of most relevance to them. Currently an irish radiologist Professor Michael Lee (Beaumont hospital, pictured above with students) is the president of the society and he personally addressed the UCD students.

Speaking after the event, Sean Fitzpatrick, UCD medicine student said:

I had a great time a CIRSE. This conference was a really unique opportunity to see the cutting edge of Radiology. The lecture programme was varied and engaging and there was plenty of opportunity to meet with top academics in both Medicine and Engineering to get further insight into the latest procedures. The facilities were outstanding and I was heartened by the number of impressive Irish delegates at the top of their game both at home and abroad. I strongly recommend that any student with an interest in IR take the opportunity to attend CIRSE and get involved.

Neil Wallace, also a UCD Medicine student said:

The CIRSE conference was a great opportunity to learn about interventional radiology. Even just reading the titles of the talks at the conference was a start and gave me an insight into the huge variety of procedures now being performed. It really seems to be a rapidly expanding field and will hopefully become more incorporated into the education programme in UCD over the coming years.

While the content of some talks was naturally over our heads, I certainly feel like I now know far more about the specialty than before. My particular favourite was the interactive imaging quiz on the Monday afternoon, which kept everyone involved and, thanks to the multiple choice format, gave even those of us with less knowledge some chance!

Agnes Johnson, UCD Medicine student said:

It was an invaluable opportunity for learning, getting to know some people in the specialty and while I feel I gained the most from the dedicated student sessions, attending specialist sessions in vascular malformations and paediatric interventions gave me some great insight into some rare conditions one might only glance past in textbooks; all of this in a friendly and welcoming environment.

My knowledge of IR may still be limited, but I can safely say that at CIRSE was, overall, a great experience, informative, educational and, not least, fun. I think I speak for all students when I thank the organizers for providing the student grant and hence providing us with the opportunity of getting to know IR and the beautiful city of Lisbon.