July 2014

UCD Researcher Takes Master's Medal

Tue, 8 July 14 17:43

UCD Researchers were well represented among the winners at the annual Coombe Women's & Children's University Hospital research prize-giving with Dr Amy O'Higgins, awarded the Master's Medal 2013 -2014 for her presentation on gestational weight gain and neonatal body composition.  The research awards were presented by the Hospital Master, Dr Sharon Sheehan (UCD 1998) at a ceremony in the hospital on Monday, 30th June 2014.  

Professor Michael Turner, UCD Professor of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Head, UCD Centre for Human Reproduction congratulated Dr O'Higgins on her success, noting that

This award is well deserved not only for Amy's research but also for the generous support she has given her research colleagues the last two years. 

Also represented among the award winners was Dr Patrick Maguire who was awarded second prize and best clinical audit prize for his presentation on the use of early warning obstetric systems in maternal bacteraemia.  Dr Maguire's presentation was entitled 'Is the IMEWS an Effective Early Warning System?'.

Prof Turner reported that there were excellent presentations from Dr Maria Farren and Dr Breffni Anglim, other members of the UCD Centre for Human Reproduction team at the Coombe.  

We offer our congratulations to all registrars and SHO's who presented their work at the meeting and our thanks to the Hospital for continuing to support high quality research and clinical audit activity.