July 2014

Deadline extended - Postgraduate scholarships in anatomy

Wed, 6 August 14 14:12

Applications invited for Medical Traineeship in Anatomy

MSc, MD, MCh & PhD Scholarships
Aristotle held that the heart was the seat of intelligence until one of the founders of Anatomy, Herophilos showed it to be the brain. While many may see Anatomy as being a largely discovered country there is still much we can learn from the human form.
Researchers at UCD are currently tracking the ancient DNA genomic analysis of migration patterns and relationships of human groups based on extraction from petrous bones. While many discoveries in the anatomical field may be in the past we can still use this knowledge to teach us more about our past. Our research on the future of the field involves 3d printing in interventional radiology, early embryo-maternal communication and artificial muscle for prosthetic limbs which present the possibility for exciting innovations in the field.
The 1 year full-time scholarship programme offers an €18,000 tax free stipend along with payment of 75% of student fees covered. Successful candidates will undertake a graduate research degree programme and gain experience teaching in small groups along with adding to their research portfolio. Good academic achievements and a high proficiency in ICT skills is required as part of the selection criteria with good presentation skills being desirable.
Margaret Tiuchta
Course Administrator
E: margaret.tiuchta@ucd.ie
T: +353 1 716 6977
Closing date: Sunday, 10th August 2014