July 2014

Dr. Francesco Caiazza Recipient of Affymetrix 2014 Tumour Profiling Grant Award to Support Translational Cancer Research

Fri, 25 July 14 09:55

Affymetrix has announced the three recipients who have been awarded its highly prestigious 2014 Affymetrix Tumour Profiling Grant. The goal of this grant program is to support translational cancer research in discovery and analytical validation of biomarkers that may address current unmet clinical needs in cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. Research projects considered for the grant use the approach of parallel analysis of multiple molecular and cellular parameters which enables faster identification of the most robust biomarkers for applications in the clinic with impactful outcome.

The recipients are:

Dr. Francesco Caiazza, PhD, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Discovery and validation of biomarkers of resistance to Cetuximab in metastatic colorectal cancer

Dr. Aditi Hazra PhD, MPH, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA

Discovery and validation of genomic and transcriptomic biomarkers associated with rapid onset of inflammatory breast cancer

Dr. Neetu Singh, PhD, King George's Medical University, Lucknow, India

Genomics and transcriptomics of chronic myeloid leukemia in North Indians



The high level of interests from researchers around the world reflects the growing recognition of the value of ‘360° profiling’ of tumour samples. The grant recipients are awarded with Affymetrix’ tools to discover and validate at least two different analytes – DNA, RNA, or protein – from 30 tumour samples. The cancer types in these three projects are characterised by rapid onset and poor survival rates. The discovery of robust biomarkers from each of these projects has the potential to facilitate better selection of treatment for each patient, with the goal to increase survival rates and manage health care costs.

David Weber, Chief Commercial Officer at Affymetrix, said

It has been extremely encouraging to see so many scientists expanding their research to look beyond just a single parameter to find clinically actionable cancer biomarkers.

This parallel analysis approach increases the confidence in a newly discovered biomarker, and provides more biomarker options to take to the clinic. We are delighted that we can facilitate these selected research projects with a unique set of tools for analysis of copy number variation, gene expression, gene regulation, protein- and cellular-changes from biomarker discovery to clinical applications.

To learn more about how Affymetrix’ portfolio of solutions for gene, protein, and cell analysis can accelerate cancer research and rapidly translate discoveries into routine clinical practice, please visit www.affymetrix.com