November 2014

UCD Success in HH Stewart Scholarship Exams

Thu, 27 November 14 11:50

The School of Medicine & Medical Science had five students achieve 1st place scholarships, four students were awarded 2nd place, four students and graduates were awarded 3rd place and one student received a commendation.

This year’s recipients are as follows:

  • Anatomy - 3rd Place - Dora Gorman
  • Biochemistry - 1st Place Scholarship - Daniel Worndl 
  • Clinical Radiology - 3rd Place - Sean Walsh
  • Diagnostic Imaging - 1st Place - Jennifer Doyle / 2nd Place - Ciara Crofton
  • General Practice - 1st Place - Dr Emma Fanning
  • Medical Microbiology - 1st Place- Ju Vern Ew (PMC) 2nd Place Rachel Hui Xuan Chia
  • Ophthalmology - 3rd Place – Dr Ann Rowan
  • Pathology - 1st Place – Hannah Lucey ; Commendation Ju Vern Ew (PMC)
  • Pharmacology - 2nd Place – Ciara Hayden
  • Physiology - 2nd Place – Catriona Daly ; 3rd Place – Sally McGrath

We also would like to congratulate the two recipients of the award for the best Patient Information Leaflet in Dr. Paula Byrne’s module "Rare Genetic Disorders and the Medical Healthcare Professional". 

For 2013/14 the two rare disease selected, which have been identified in Irish families from the travelling community, were Infantile Liver Failure Syndrome and Natural Killer Cell and Glucocorticoid Deficiency.  Students in the Rare Diseases module were given the task of preparing patient information leaflets for these disorders. 

The leaflets were reviewed by a medical genetics consultant and the best leaflets were nominated. Recipients of these awards were: Catriona Daly (1st place) and Cathal Aherne (2nd place). The monetary prize was donated by Shire and the leaflets will be printed and branded as material compiled by UCD and will be distributed to families affected by these conditions.

Caption: The Dean joined colleagues and students to congratulate the SMMS recipients of the 2014 NUI Dr. HH Stewart Medical scholarships and prizes.  Pictured are (l-r) Ciara Hayden, Dr. Paula Byrne, Daniel Worndl, Catriona Daly, Prof. Patrick Murray, Jennifer Doyle, Dr. Katherine Howell, Sally McGrath, Dr. Jason Last, Dora Gorman, Dr. Peter Holloway, Hannah Lucey, Dr Emma Fanning, Dr. Helen Gallagher, Dr. Meng Chan and Dr. Stuart Bund.