The NextCODE Exchange: The First Global, Real-time System for Sharing Full-resolution Genomic Data

Tue, 21 October 14 10:16

NextCODE Health*, which enables clinicians and researchers to use full power of the whole genome in real time, today announced the launch of its new genomic data analysis and collaboration service, the NextCODE Exchange, at the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) annual meeting in San Diego. To learn more, sign up and apply for free beta access, visit A brief video on its unique features and benefits can be viewed here.

The Exchange:

  • Lets clinicians and scientists collaborate seamlessly using massive sequence data, and to validate findings with colleagues and institutions around the world – at raw read resolution, in real time, from any browser.
  • Brings together NextCODE’s unique database architecture and proven sequence analysis system, optimized on the world’s largest collection of whole-genome variant data.
  • Enables users to rapidly visualize their own aligned raw sequence and that of collaborators, access harmonized and updated public reference data, and leave big raw data files right where they reside.
  • Data-sharing settings can be adjusted for every case, project or institution, for full compliance with user rules and consents.

Jeffrey Gulcher, MD, PhD, President and CSO of NextCODE said

The genomics community is now generating the sequence data to solve more rare disease cases and find high-impact variants in complex traits. The ability to visually confirm findings in raw sequence at a click, and to validate findings by securely sharing data with other researchers working on the same diseases elsewhere, will help to crack more difficult diagnostic cases and speed discovery. We have a fantastic group of launch partners, global leaders in rare disease and autism research, who will be able to use and demonstrate the Exchange’s scalability and reach.

Dr Sean Ennis, director at the Academic Centre on Rare Diseases (ACoRD) at University College Dublin and an Exchange launch partner commented

The ability to work with internal and external colleagues through one platform in this way marks a qualitative advance for the field. The goal of sequence-based diagnostics is to pinpoint the cause of more diseases. Instant online access to both sequence and reference data will help us achieve that and do it much more swiftly for patients here and abroad.

Exchange sharing options include no sharing, for privately using the exchange tools and harmonized public data; full sample sharing, to make current collaborations seamless and more productive; blind, aggregate sharing to validate findings in specific phenotypes and identify controls within the Exchange; and approved portal access, through which organizations using the Exchange to host their collections can grant access to approved researchers.

*NextCODE puts the world’s most proven sequence analysis platform in the hands of clinicians and researchers around the globe, enabling them to use the full power of NGS data to better diagnose and treat disease. Our solutions combine the only whole-genome analysis system developed at population scale with access to the largest clinical genetics reference database in the world. That gives our partners the ability to solve more cases more efficiently, to store, analyze, visualize and collaborate using all their data – at base-by-base resolution, in real time, from any browser. NextCODE is a private company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Visit us on the web at