January 2016 | Eanáir 2016

Enhancing General Practice to Enhancing Patient Care

Sun, 10 January 16 22:13

The 2016 Joint Annual Scientific Research Meeting of the Association of University Departments of General Practice in Ireland (AUDGPI) and the Irish College of General Practice (ICGP) takes place on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th March 2016.

Enhancing General Practice to Enhancing Patient Care’ will be the focus of the meeting at the Student Centre, UCD Belfield, which will be hosted by Academic General Practice at UCD School of Medicine in partnership with the Irish College of General Practice (ICGP). 

Keynote presentations by Prof Anne Macfarlane (Professor of Primary Healthcare Research at University of Limerick Graduate Entry Medical School), Professor Brendan Drumm (UCD School of Medicine) and Dr Margaret O’Riordan (ICGP) will examine issues of interest to GPs and other primary healthcare professionals in Ireland today.

This year’s meeting will be the first time the AUDGPI and ICGP have jointly hosted the meeting and will thus take the place of the ICGP Research Meeting, usually held as part of the ICGP Summer School. This year’s meeting is particularly keen to encourage GP Trainees and students (both undergraduate and postgraduate research) to present their work and hence the programme welcomes submissions on work / projects in progress from trainees / students.

This year’s meeting will again feature the presentation of seventh annual ‘Fiona Bradley Award’ which recognises an individual / agency who has made a significant contribution to healthcare in Ireland or internationally.

Announcing the meeting, ICGP Director of Research, Dr Claire Collins said,

“Adding a joint scientific meeting to showcase research across the general practice spectrum is a natural progression in the collaborative history of ICGP and AUDGPI and its constituent members. Research and audit enable GPs to contribute to the evidence base that underpins their discipline and to inform improvements in patient care. Events such as this are an important component in disseminating and discussing the findings from general practice research and audit activities”.

UCD Professor of Urban General Practice, Walter Cullen commented,

“UCD School of Medicine is delighted to be hosting this year’s meeting with the ICGP. There is a long history of collaboration between our professional organisation and universities which must continue to grow if we are to address the many challenges in healthcare today.”

Abstracts should be submitted no later than Friday 15 January 2016. Submissions from GP Trainees and Undergraduate/Postgraduate research students are particularly welcome.

Further information on this meeting including abstract submission and registration details can be found here.