January 2016 | Eanáir 2016

Two Clinical Professor Posts at MMUH

Fri, 22 January 16 08:00

As part of a number of planned clinical professorial positions, the UCD School of Medicine has announced the recruitment of both a Professor of Medicine & Therapeutics and a Professor of Clinical Pathology at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital.

Both positions are expected to add to the School’s considerable academic reputation by building an internationally competitive research groups.  They will contribute strongly to our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and to academic development across the School.  Both appointees will provide clinical leadership in their particular clinical specialty at one of Ireland’s foremost acute hospitals within the country’s largest hospital group.

Both the Professor of Medicine & Therapeutics and the Professor of Clinical Pathology will join Ireland’s largest medical faculty, working with the other academic and clinical staff to oversee the design, delivery, assessment and quality of programmes for undergraduate and graduate medicine students. 

The UCD School of Medicine is committed to advancing translational research that through scientific enquiry enhances our understanding of human diseases leading to improved health through prevention, better diagnosis and more effective intervention. Our translational research strategy combines areas of biomedical and clinical research strength to impact on diseases of global significance and national importance.  Our research is focussed on key thematic areas including inflammation, infection, vascular biology, diabetes and obesity using many approaches including cellular and molecular biology, bioinformatics and proteomics, through whole organism disease models to patient–based clinical and population studies.

A partner of the School for over 150 years, the Mater Misericordiae is one of Ireland's leading acute hospitals with a reputation as a leader in clinical education. It plays a vital role in the provision of adult acute care services serving Dublin's north inner city as well as delivering national specialist and tertiary referral for the country. It boasts a large modern hospital with 600 beds (including day beds) and is one of Ireland's largest and busiest hospitals.

These two senior academic clinician appointments are part of a major expansion by the UCD School of Medicine to further strengthen our academic programmes.  The School has recently invited applicants for the position of Professor of Gynae-Oncology (at Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, National Maternity Hospital and St Vincent’s University Hospital) and Professor of Microbial Diseases (at St Vincent’s University Hospital).  The School recently concluded the appointment of a Professor of Paediatrics at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin.  It has also appointed a Senior Lecturer in Obstetrics & Gynaecology at the National Maternity Hospital and is currently recruiting a Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor of Respiratory Medicine at St Vincent’s University Hospital.

For further information on these opportunities and other academic or academic support positions, please see the UCD Human Resources web page.

Summary of Current Posts

Post Our Ref. Closing Date
Professor of Clinical Pathology 008038 26th February 2016
Professor of Medicine & Therapeutics 008039 26th February 2016
Professor of Microbial Diseases 007972 29th January 2016
Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor of Respiratory Medicine 008051 26th February 2016
Lecturer in Clinical Bioinformatics 008062 18th February 2016