January 2016 | Eanáir 2016

Understanding Genetics Across the Globe

Mon, 25 January 16 13:29

Dr Sally Ann Lynch and Dr Jill Casey have produced a series of short animation videos designed to provide a better understanding of common genetic disorders and chromosomal re-arrangements. To date 21 videos have been produced covering each of the following subject areas:

  • X-linked recessive disorders
  • Autosomal Dominant disorders
  • Autosomal Recessive disorders
  • Consanguinity (cousin marriage)
  • Insertional Translocation
  • Reciprocal Translocation
  • Robertsonian Translocation
  • Paracentric Inversions
  • Pericentric Inversions

Foreign language versions of several videos have also been produced with animations in French, Italian, Maltese, Portuguese, Polish and Spanish.

The videos are typically less than 4 minutes each in duration. They have been hosted on the School’s YouTube channel to allow them to be accessed by individuals and groups around the world. The videos have been well received since their introduction in December 2014. To date, there have been over 98,000 views with the equivalent of 157 days of continuous viewing across 200 countries worldwide. The top ten countries (in order of viewing) include United States, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Netherlands, Ireland and Philippines. Selective re-tweeting of the links on the School Twitter account also demonstrates the impact of this social media channel with increased views immediately after notification.

The videos series was co-funded by a 2014 UCD Community Engagement Seed Funding Grant (SF1028) and Children's Fund for Health, Temple St 2014 (SF2014-02) with additional support from Shire Pharmaceuticals and Children's University Hospital, Temple Street.