August 2018 | Lúnasa 2018

Novel Myofibroblast Differences in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Mon, 13 August 18 11:10

Variations in the genetic profiles and functional characteristics of myofibroblasts of different origins may hold the key to identifying therapeutic targets in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Prescribing Aspirin in Early Pregnancy to Reduce Preeclampsia Incidence

Fri, 3 August 18 10:36 David Kearns, Digital Journalist/Media Officer, UCD University Relations

After showing that women in Ireland and the UK are open to taking a preventative low daily dose of asprin to reduce risk of preeclampsia and had a high level of adherence to this daily dose, the UCD Perinatal Research Centre is calling for a widespread randomised controlled trial to address the efficacy and safety of a low dose aspirin approach, compared with a screening approach.

Anaesthetic Research Fellowship

Fri, 3 August 18 16:31

Congratulations to Dr Tom Wall (from Professor Donal Buggy’s group) who received the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland (CAI) Anaesthetic Research Fellowship for his presentation on The Effect of Anaesthetic Agents on Metastasis in a Mouse Model of Breast Cancer which won the research group a Scholarship prize of €25,000.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Detect Eye Disease

Mon, 13 August 18 16:21

In a paper published in Nature Medicine, UK clinical scientists describe an application of artificial intelligence in ophthalmology which can recommend the correct referral decision for over 50 eye diseases as accurately as world-leading experts.  The machine learning technology is trained on thousands of retinal scans to identify features of eye disease that should be referred for specialist treatment.  As one of the senior authors is a UCD alumnus, Dr Pearse Keane, we asked UCD staff to comment on the significance of this work.