September 2017 | Meán Fómhair 2017

Another Milestone Reached

Sun, 10 September 17 21:16

The MILESTONE Study update

The MILESTONE Study is a longitudinal project which examines the organisation, policy and practice of care pathways for young people as they transition from Child to Adult Mental Health services. Running in eight European countries and funded by the European Commission, it is a partnership of academics and clinicians, over one thousand young patients and their carers. Previous HRB funded research in Ireland, the iTRACK study, identified an absence of planned, well executed transitioning process, resulting in poor experience of young service users, leaving many to reject transfer, remain in CAMHS beyond the transition boundary or fall between the gaps in the system (McNamara et al, 2014; McNicholas et al, 2015).

In Ireland MILESTONE is currently wrapping up the second wave of data collection and preparing for the start of the third one. The Ethics work package (WP) led by UCD, professor Fiona McNicholas as Principal Investigator, in association with University of Warwick, is concerned especially with overseeing the service user and carer involvement in service development and research, the rights of children, young people and their carers, the complex ethical, legal, developmental, social/family and service-related factors that have implications for research methodology, interpretation and utility of findings, project management and service delivery.
The data from the opening stages of the study have been recently published in The Lancet Psychiatry journal (Signorini et al., 2017) and BMJ Open journal (Singh et al, 2017), and presented through a symposium at the 17th International Congress of European Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Geneva.

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