Assoc Prof Marguerite Clyne

Associate Dean, Research & Innovation

A graduate of Trinity College Dublin, where she also completed her PhD, Dr Marguerite Clyne held postdoctoral research appointments at Dublin City University and at the National Children's Research Centre in Crumlin, before joining the School.

Dr Clyne's appointment as a Special Lecturer in 2000 was followed with an appointment as College Lecturer in 2004. She was promoted to Senior Lecturer (now Associate Professor) in 2014 and leads the Microbial Pathogens research group.

Her research group specialises in cellular microbiology and pathogen interaction with the gasterointestinal tract. She has extensively studied the mechanisms of action and biomodulation of Helicobacter pyloriand Campylobacter jejuni. More recent research has focused on Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection among people with Cystic Fibrosis. 

She was appointed Associate Dean for Research & Innovation effective from 1st December 2016. As Associate Dean for Research & Innovation, Assoc Prof Clyne is responsible for driving the School's translational research strategy, developing research capacity, and creating a world-class support infrastructure for UCD Medicine investigators.