Quality & Accreditation

Internal Quality Assurance

The School is committed to delivering the highest standards of teaching and research through the application of the University’s quality improvement process and through external accreditation by professional bodies.

Through systematic evaluation of our activities, we consult with our stakeholders, students and staff, identifying and sharing best practice across our teaching and research programmes.  Our approach to quality is further informed and augmented by regular review processes conducted within UCD, and also by external professional bodies.  These internal and external review processes are fundamental to our quality strategy, and we value and act on the comments made during such reviews.

In 2008, we are one of the first UCD schools to participate in the University’s new Quality Assurance and Improvement Process.  This periodic quality review involved detailed self and peer assessment of our activities and structures, and the development of a Quality Plan that is geared to maintain and improve high standards across all our activities.

The School is undertaking a formal Quality Review during academic year 2015/2016 as part of the routine University quality assurance procedures.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, the School enthusiastically welcomes feedback and critique from our students, staff and our alumni.

External Accreditation

Our Medicine programmes are accredited by the Irish Medical Council and our Diagnostic Imaging programmes are accredited by the Irish Institute of Radiography and Radiation Therapy.  These endorsements follow a robust review of curriculum content and delivery by these prestigious professional bodies.

Overall, we aim to integrate quality considerations in all aspects of our teaching and research, and to work closely with our clinical and academic colleagues and professional bodies to achieve a comprehensive, forward looking Quality Plan.