Quality Review 2016

We are undertaking a formal scheduled School Quality Review during the current academic year (2015/2016).  This process will be led by Professor Walter Cullen, UCD Professor of Urban General Practice and supported by the School Office.

This review process will involve the development of a School Self Assessment Report which will form that basis for a four day site visit by an external review group.

The School Self Assessment Report and the Quality Review will be guided by a School Self-Assessment Report Steering Committee comprising representatives from across the School.  As part of our School-wide engagement, we invite all staff to provide feedback on all aspects of our operations.

Update - 30th March 2016

We offer this brief update on progress and activity to date related to the School Quality Review 2015/2016.

Self-Assessment Report

The School has completed a Self-Assessment Report which has been circulated widely across the School, via Section Leaders and via both the School Management Team and the School Executive Management Committee for comment.  The document has been discussed with both the College Principal and the UCD Quality Office and has been forwarded to the Site Visit Review Team. (30th March 16).  School Quality Review Self-Assessment Report 2016

Student Consultation

The Health Science Programme Office conducted a survey of all undergraduate and graduate students on the student experience from 9th to the 27th November 2015.  The results of this survey were not available at the time of completing the Self-Assessment Report but we hope will inform the Quality Review Site Visit.  (30th March 16)

Staff Consultation

All School staff were invited to complete a short staff survey designed to inform our SWOT analysis n Wednesday 11th November 2015. The survey will run until 30th November 2015.  To access the Staff Survey 2, click here.  (11 Nov 15)

Staff Briefing 

We continue to brief staff individually, through the All School e-newsletter and are providing updates on the School's website (here).  Prof Cullen has presented an overview of the process and planned outputs to the School Executive Management Committee, to the School Management Team and to individuals invited to take part in both the Self Assessment Report (SAR) Writing Group and the SAR Coordinating Committee. A total of 35 staff members have been engaged through these formal groups. (30 Oct 15)

Preparation of Self Assessment Report

An 8-person Self Assessment Report Writing Group has been identified and has been tasked with developing the first draft of the Self-Assessment Report. We aim to have this first draft prepared by 30th November 2015.  This 10-section report will form the basis of consultation with all School members through December 2015/January 2016.  It will be a key document in the External Review Site Visit (12-15 April 2016). (30 Oct 15)

Self Assessment Report Coordinating Committee

We have invited 25 staff members from across the School (purposefully sampled to be reflective of Sections & Research Institutes as well as professional ranks) to attend the first meeting of Self-Assessment Report Coordinating Committee (SAR-CC).  The SAR-CC will play an important consultative role and also advocate for wider School engagement.

The SAR-CC briefly reviewed the 102 recommendations arising from the 2008/2009 Quality Review and assessed our progress in implementing the recommended changes. Based on this feedback, we have prepared a short Staff Survey which we hope will assist the School's reflection on the previous review and provide a focus for this review cycle.

Click here to view Staff Survey 1    (30 Oct 15)

Key Dates

30 Nov 15 Preparation of Self Assessment Report (SAR)

Dec 15 / Jan 16 All School Consultation on SAR

Feb 16 SAR to External Review Group

12-16 April 16 External Review Group Site Visit

May 16/ June 16 External Review Group Report

If you would like to be more involved in the Quality Review initiative or would like to offer input, please feel free to contact us by reply email.