Niall Nelligan

Medicine, Stage Five

It has been my dream to study medicine and the medical course in UCD is allowing me to make the absolute most out my dream. There is a vast array of opportunities available to students to literally broaden their horizons. Personally, I have undertaken the Summer Student Research Programme in the superb research facilities on campus of the Conway Research Institute.

I have also competed in the Coakley Dissection Competition, furthering my aspirations of a career in surgery.

There are many prospects of travelling with the course too – in summer 2011, as part of a medical scholarship, I took part in a medical/surgical elective in Jamaica.

Finally it is important I acknowledge the incredible classmates I have in medicine. On top of their academic abilities, they all have so many talents from music to sport and beyond. And best of all they create an atmosphere of encouragement and support that allows each of us to flourish.