Research Publications


Aisling Geraghty

  • Top Scoring Medical Student Prize (for oral presentation): British Maternal and Fetal Medicine Society 19th Annual Conference, Netherlands 2017
  • UCD Seeding Funding 2017 Recipient: European Congress of Obesity, Portugal 2017
  • New Investigator Award: Power of Programming Conference, Germany 2016
  • Sponsored Student Traineeship in the Cancer and Disease Epigenetics Research Group in the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia 2016
  • EASO Travel Grant Recipient: European Association for the Study of Obesity, Sweden 2016
  • UCD Seeding Funding 2016 Recipient: European Obesity Summit, 2016

Ellen Greene

  • ASOI Best Poster Award 2018
  • Awarded Trainee Travel Grant at the 19th Vitamin D Workshop, Boston, March 2016

Eileen O’Brien

  • Awarded European Congress on Obesity Travel grant at the European Congress on Obesity, Portugal, June 2017
  • Awarded funding under the Health Research Board Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Scheme (HRB KEDS) to visit to the Human Science Research Group, University of Limerick, August 2016
  • Awarded UCD Seed Funding and European Obesity Summit Travel grant at the European Obesity Summit, Gothenburg, Sweden, June 2016
  • INDI best poster award at the INDI Research Symposium, January 2018
  • The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) Prize for top scoring original communication at the Nutrition Society Irish Section Conference, Belfast, June 2017
  • Best Maternal Medicine Oral Presentation at the British Maternal & Fetal Medicine Society (BMFMS) 18th Annual Conference, Birmingham, April 2016


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