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Prof Gerry Wilson: C5orf30

Prof Gerry Wilson: C5orf30: a novel modulator of tissue damage and inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis 

The variant rs26232 was identified as an RA susceptibility variant in a GWAS (Stahl et al., 2010). In a study of 3 large RA population we reported an allele-dose association of rs26232 with severity of radiological damage (Teare et al., 2013).

This variant lies in the first exon of Chromosome 5 opening reading frame 30 (C5orf30) that encodes a 206 amino acid disordered protein.  Single C5orf30 orthologues are only present in vertebrates, where the protein sequences show a high degree of conservation; chimpanzee (99.5%), mice (94%), and chicken (89%) with the most distant orthologue found in bony fish (72% identity to human sequence).

It is predicted to be a disorder protein:


Our studies have also shown (Muthana et al., 2015):

  • Highest expression in monocyte/macrophages and RA synovial fibroblasts (RASF)

In the latter cell type:

  • Expression reduced by TNF and increased by hypoxia
  • Highly expressed in RA synovial tissue
  • siRNA-mediated inhibition of C5orf30 in RASF leads to increased invasiveness and migration in vitro
  • siRNA-mediated inhibition in CIA model resulted increased arthritis and joint damage with increased IL-1 and TNF and reduced IL-10 expression

Ongoing studies :

  • Examination of role of C5orf30 in monocyte/macrophage biology
  • Identification of binding partners
  • Characterisation of mechanisms linking rs26232 genotype with RA severity

Funded by Arthritis Ireland and Health Research Board 

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