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Last Updated: 9th August 2019

Special Lecturer Recruitment - 2019

The UCD School of Medicine invites applications for a range of non-consultant hospital doctor positions at registrar, specialist registrar and senior registrar equivalent level within a number of medical and surgical specialties across our clinical training network.  These positions will commence 9th July 2019.

Appointees will join a vibrant community of clinical tutors who play a major clinical teaching role within our Medicine and Radiography degree programmes with an opportunity to become involved in various research projects.  A range of full-time and part-time positions are available with academic attachments across our affiliated hospitals.  Some time commitment to the School on the University campus is also possible.

Appointments will be made for a one year period initially with a possibility of re-appointment for a further three years.  Appointments will be made at the next appropriate point on the NCHD equivalent salary scale to allow clinical seniority to be maintained during the period of appointment with the University.

The School particularly welcomes applications from candidates who are interested in undertaking higher degrees (MSc, MD or PhD) in clinical research or medical education research during their appointment.  A number of degree scholarships will be available to high calibre candidates.

Prior to application, further information (including application procedure) should be obtained from the UCD Job Vacancies website:

UCD Post-doctoral Research Fellow PD1 - UCD Charles Institute

UCD Post-doctoral Research Fellow Level 1, UCD School of Medicine/Charles Institute of Dermatology 011722 .

The UCD Charles Institute of Dermatology has an ongoing research programme led by Prof. Des Tobin to investigate the biology of hair growth. Applications are invited for a 3-year Postdoctoral research position to conduct a specified programme of research under the supervision and direction of Prof. Des Tobin.

The primary purpose of the role is to examine the triggers for auto-inflammatory events in the complex immune-mediated non-scarring hair loss disorder Alopecia Areata. Specifically, the project will be focused on the identification of so-called auto-antigens to which the immune system in patients with Alopecia areata appears to be inappropriately directed. Knowledge and research experience of both humoral and cell-mediated immunology in the context of autoimmune disease is expected. Candidates with laboratory research experience using human skin are preferred. For detection and identification of disease-relevant autoantigens, a range of biomedical techniques will be employed both for autoantibodies and autoreactive T cell populations using blood and tissues.

Candidates will have excellent current knowledge of the literature in the field; maintain accurate and comprehensive experimental records with excellent attention to detail; assist in preparing presentations and reports as required; maintain laboratory equipment and facilities, and other duties associated with the research project, of an occasional nature, which may be assigned by the Principal Investigator, Prof. Des Tobin.

Post Doc Level 1 Salary Scale: €37,223 - €41,827 per annum.Appointment on the above range will be dependent on qualifications and experience.              Closing date: 17:00hrs (local Irish time) on 31st October 2019.   

Application Details: Go , choose relevant portal ( Internal or External candidate) & search by Reference Number  011722                  

For Informal Inquiries: Please contact Desmond Tobin<>

Chief Operations Officer (Precision Oncology Ireland, SBI)

Applications are invited for a Chief Operations Officer (Precision Oncology Ireland) post within UCD School of Medicine - Systems Biology Ireland (SBI).

University College Dublin is seeking applications for the role of Precision Oncology Ireland (POI) Chief Operations Officer to manage the POI Programme, both operations and projects, and to support the POI Director in the strategic development of POI's core functions. The role will be based in Systems Biology Ireland (SBI) in UCD.

Precision Oncology Ireland (POI) 

POI is a consortium of 5 Irish Universities, 6 Irish Charities, and 10 companies aiming to develop new diagnostics and therapeutics for the personalised treatment of cancer. The shared vision is to combine cutting-edge genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and imaging technologies integrated through computational analysis and modelling to generate molecular profiles that allow us to better understand cancer pathogenesis, progression and response to therapies. Bringing together experimental and computational advances combined through data integration is a key competitive advantage of the POI consortium. The results will be better diagnostics, personalised cancer therapies, and acceleration of cancer drug discovery and development.

Systems Biology Ireland (SBI)

SBI, established in 2009, has successfully developed an integrated mathematical modelling and experimental research programme focusing on the design of new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to diseases, primarily cancer, based on a systems level, mechanistic understanding of cellular signal transduction networks. To accomplish these goals, SBI uses mathematical and computational modelling approaches in combination with cutting edge experimental technologies in genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, advanced microscopy and flow cytometry as well as cell biology and molecular biology methods. SBI's expertise, particularly in the area of modelling in systems pharmacology and therapeutics, strategically position it at the crossroads between biology and medicine. The purpose-built SBI facility sits in the space between the UCD Conway Institute and the Health Sciences Centre (UCD Charles Institute of Dermatology and School of Medicine). It is physically linked to both buildings, providing access to existing technology platforms, educational and conference facilities and ideally placed to train allied healthcare professionals. The facility houses a multidisciplinary team of some 50 researchers including bioinformaticians, statisticians, computational scientists and modellers, engineers, biologists, biochemists and physicists.

Salary: €83,000

Closing date: 17:00hrs (local Irish time) on 16th August 2019.

Lecturers in General Practice (n=3 ; Part-time)

Lecturer in General Practice, UCD School of Medicine (Temporary, 3 Years - 1 x 0.4FTE post or 2x 0.2FTE posts)

Radiography Clinical Practice Specialist

Applications are invited for a Radiography Clinical Practice Specialist in Radiography and Diagnostic Imaging (0.5 FTE) post within UCD School of Medicine.

Applications are invited for one Radiography Clinical Practice Specialist position in Radiography and Diagnostic Imaging within the UCD School of Medicine. Radiography and Diagnostic Imaging in the UCD School of Medicine is the national centre for undergraduate Radiography education and also offers a range of taught graduate courses and CPD offerings. This 0.5 FTE weighted post is offered on a temporary basis for a period of 5 months. The principal clinical centre placement responsibility will be in University Hospital Galway.

The successful applicants will add support principally to the teaching and learning of undergraduate programme and graduate CPD initiatives, in particular clinical placement management and supervision/assessment of students whilst on clinical rotations. The posts will involve teaching and support of diagnostic imaging-specific modules and the provision of high quality scholarship and contribution to the delivery and assessment. The main role of the successful applicants will be in the management, supervision and assessment of clinical training as part of the undergraduate curriculum. Provision of CPD to clinical staff within the assigned hospital setting form part of this new role. A separate document outlining in more detail the expected roles and responsibilities of the successful applicant accompanies this job description.

Applicants must hold a primary qualification in Radiography and be registered on the Radiographers Register, CORU. Evidence of graduate education is required, in addition to a demonstration of enthusiasm for research.

The successful applicants will also contribute to teaching and learning and curriculum development of the undergraduate programme and graduate programmes as deemed appropriate, and to clinical training and academic leadership in general. The University will particularly welcome applications from those who can best further the development and integration of the Radiography and Diagnostic Imaging Section of the School and foster collaboration with other disciplines and institutions nationally and internationally. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate a willingness to establish the School as an international centre for excellence in research in Radiography and Diagnostic Imaging and to the provision of internationally renowned taught professional programmes.

Salary: €63,000 full time Salary pro rata €31,500 per annum. 
Appointment will be made on scale and in accordance with the Department of Finance guidelines.

Closing date: 17:00hrs (local Irish time) on 5th August 2019.

UCD Post Doctoral Research Fellow PD2

Applications are invited for a 36 months post of a UCD Post-doctoral Research Fellow Level 2 within UCD School of Medicine.

This project will examine the effect of reactive oxygen species on individual constituents of the faecal microflora. The successful candidate will lead a three year project that aims to isolate, identify and characterise the effects of excess reactive oxygen species on individual core microbial constituents of intestinal samples from children with inflammatory bowel disease. This is an advanced research focused role, building on your prior experience as a post-doctoral fellow, where you will conduct a specified programme of research supported by research training under the supervision and direction of a Principal Investigator.

The primary purpose of the role is to develop new or advanced research skills and competences, on the processes of publication in peer-reviewed academic publications and scholarly dissemination, the development of funding proposals, and the supervision and mentorship of graduate students along with the opportunity to develop your skills in research led teaching.

Salary Range: €44,266 - €45, 540 per annum. 
Appointment on the above range will be dependent upon qualifications and experience.

Closing date: 17:00hrs (local Irish time) on 13th August 2019

PhD Opportunity - Psoriasis at UCD Charles Institute

PhD Project Title:

Melanocyte proliferation and apoptosis in human skin: lessons from chronic plaque psoriasis

A PhD position is now available in the Charles Institute of Dermatology to investigate how epidermis remodeling in the common skin disorder Psoriasis may regulate melanocyte number. The project will investigate if Psoriasis could be a useful model for aiding our understanding how melanocyte proliferation and apoptosis is regulated. Dysregulation of the latter is a prominent feature of melanoma.


Charles Institute of Dermatology, University College Dublin, Dublin, Republic of Ireland


Prof. Desmond J Tobin and Prof. Brian Kirby

Project Background & Description:

Launched in June 2008, UCD Charles Institute of Dermatology is Ireland's premier Institute in dermatology research and training and is part of the UCD School of Medicine.  The UCD Charles Institute actively partners with leading companies serving the skin health and care market to deliver specific research and innovation objectives, which will lead to improved patient care through the discovery of new treatments and therapies. Using a multidisciplinary approach, the Institute research teams are working to uncover key
drivers of skin diseases.

UCD Charles Institute of Dermatology and the Systems Biology Ireland institute are located space between the UCD Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical research and the Health Sciences Centre (School of Medicine). They are physically linked to both buildings, providing access to existing technology platforms, educational and conference facilities and ideally placed to train allied healthcare professionals. These facilities house multidisciplinary teams in these of researchers including biologists, biomedical sciences, iochemists, bioinformaticians, computational scientists, statisticians, modellers, engineers, and physicists.

This PhD student post will be part of an interdisciplinary team working on the quantitative and systems analysis of skin function in health and disease. The project will investigate how cellular dynamics (cell proliferation, differentiation, quiescence/ senescence and programmed cell death/apoptosis are relevant for melanocyte fate in Psoriasis during disease initiation, progression. The student will gain valuable knowledge in the analysis of signal transduction networks in melanocytes and keratinocytes, protein analysis techniques, and standard methods used in molecular and cell biology. The student will also get to appreciate the clinical aspects of this Psoriasis-focused project through interaction with other colleagues in the team.

Person Specification:

We are looking for a highly motivated, passionate PhD candidate with the ability to independently plan and conduct the research project while integrating into an interdisciplinary research environment. Applicants should have, or expect to obtain, a first or upper second-class honors Bachelors or Masters degree in Cellular/Molecular Biology, Biochemistry or related fields. Excellent analytical and communication skills are preferable.

Stipend & fees:

The successful candidate will receive a tax-free stipend of €18,500 per annum and their registration fees (EU/Homes students only) will be covered. The position is funded for four years.

Application Procedure:

Please send a CV and accompanying documentation including references to Prof. Desmond J. Tobin. Email address:

Closing date: Applications should be received by November 16th 2019.

Further Information:

The University:
UCD School of Medicine:
UCD Charles Institute of Dermatology:


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