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26th Movember 2013 at Conway Institute & Health Science Centre ; Other locations to be confirmed

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Great Movember Bake Off!

Calling all bakers, eater, bucket-shakers, and mo-growers!

The 'Great Movember Bake Off' takes place on Tuesday 26th Movember 2013 from 10am at a number of locations around the Belfield campus. Similar events are expected to take place across the campus and also at our affiliated clinical sites.  This event is organised as part of our UCD Medicine Movember 2013 campaign to raise funds for men's health and prostate cancer.

We are also holding a raffle to win donated mo-cakes from various Dublin-based bakery's along with a competition for 'The Best Mo', with some fantastic prizes. Check out our UCD Med Movember web page for further details

We are pleased to support the annual moustache-growing event that is Movember. Last year, under the skilful direction of the perma-stubbled Mark Byrne, the School topped the University rankings raising an impressive €8,117 in support of research into men's health.

This year, the UCD Med Mo Sistas have taken up the baton and are planning a cake sale to beat all cake sales. Karen, Amanda and Lisa do make exceedingly good cakes but they need more volunteers if we are to top last year's brilliant performance.  Please get involved with our movember fundraising team this year and join in on the fun; you can do this in a number of ways:

  • Sign up to our movember team to show support and raise awareness for the UCD Movember campaign
  • Demonstrate your domestic god(dess)-ness by baking some cakes, buns or other treats
  • Show us your sales prowess by selling raffle tickets
  • Raise awareness for the UCD Med Movember campaign

Best Mo Bros

Finally, any MoBros out there in any UCD Movember team, please come along with your well-coiffured 'tache to the UCD Health Science Centre on Tuesday 26th November at 1pm for the juding of 'The Best Mo'.  Everyone is welcome!


The team are active researchers within the UCD Prostate Cancer Research Group, led by Professor Bill Watson and Professor Steve Pennington. Working in collaboration with colleagues in TCD, these Irish scientists have established an internationally recognised research consortium which is advancing research into the causes, the progression and potential therapies for prostate cancer.


Further Information

About our Movember campaign.

To Contribute to UCD Medicine Movember

More about the Prostate Cancer Research Group

For more details about the Great Movember Bake OFf, please contact Amanda O'Neill (amandaDOToneill@UCDDOTie) (replace DOT with '.')