2015 Events

3rd - 4th December 2015 at UCD Conway Institute

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6th Annual Computational Biology & Innovation Symposium

The 6th Annual Computational Biology & Innovation PhD Symposium takes place on 3rd and 4th December 2015 in the UCD Conway Institute.

This meeting is jointly organised by PhD students enrolled in either the Computational Infection Biology or the Bioinformatics and Systems Biology structured PhD programmes at UCD. 

This event will showcase the thriving local research and scientific community that is present at UCD and in Dublin to Irish and international academic researchers and industrial companies. It will also feature internationally renowned keynote speakers from a wide range of fields within the sphere of computational biology to present their research.

Abstracts are now being accepted.  Registration will open on 1st October 2015.


For Additional Information

See the website: www.ucd.ie/phdsymposium or follow on Facebook or Twitter.  Further queries can be foward to email: phdsymp2015@ucd.ie