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Medical Microbiology is presently based with, and host to, the National Virus Reference Laboratory (NVRL) on the Belfield Campus of University College Dublin. 

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Professor of Medical Microbiology
Professor William Hall, PhD, MD
Telephone: +353-1-716 1325;  email: william.hall@ucd.ie

College Lecturers in Medical Microbiology
Dr  Jacqueline Quinn, MB, BCh, BAO, MMedSci
Telephone: +353-1-716 1339;  email: jacqueline.quinn@ucd.ie

Dr Koon Meng Chang, MB, BCh, BAO, LRCPI, LRCSI, MRCP (UK),
Telephone:  +353-1-716 1221; email: meng.chan@ucd.ie 

Dr Noreen Sheehy, MSc, PhD
Telephone: +353-1-716 1255; email: noreen.sheehy@ucd.ie

Administrative Support
Ms Margaret Brindley, Administrative Officer
Telephone: +353-1-716 1236;  email: margaret.brindley@ucd.ie

Ms Denise McDonnell, Senior Executive Assistant (job-share)
Telephone: +353-1-716 1325;  email: denise.mcdonnell@ucd.ie

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Undergraduate Teaching

Medical microbiology is involved in designing and teaching of the second medical year (Systems 2) of the undergraduate medical curriculum and to the third and fourth year of the microbiology undergraduate course in the Faculty of Science. Staff also teach in Public Health Medicine and Epidemiology, and Nursing Studies.

Postgraduate Teaching

Medical Microbiology is involved in postgraduate research by thesis at a supervisory level.  

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Research is a major activity, often in collaboration with the National Virus Reference Laboratory and within other areas in UCD, and also with hospitals and clinicians. A very significant level of applied research is so carried out in collaboration with the diagnostics industry.  Research is carried out in the purpose-built adjoining Centre for Research in Infectious Diseases (CRID).   

In the following section, sources of research funding are shown in italics,

Concomitant Infections with Human T Lymphotropic Viruses and Human Immunodeficiency Viruses
Japanese Foundation for AIDS Prevention, Tokyo, Japan

Molecular and Immunological Studies on Hepatitis C Virus.
Health Research Board


Development of diagnostic protocols for BVD virus antigen and antibodies.  Enterprise Ireland, Novatis and Svanova Biotech.  2002-2004

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Postal address:                           
Medical Microbiology,
CRID Building,
University College Dublin,                                      

Dublin 4,
Telephone Number: +353-1-716 1325/1236
Fax Number: +353-1-716 1239
Email: margaret.brindley@ucd.ie

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