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Irish Microbial Risk Assessment Network

Dr. Wayne Anderson

Contact Details:

Dr. Wayne Anderson
Tel: +353 (0)1 8171321 
Qualifications: B.Sc., Ph.D. 
Institute: Food Safety Authority of Ireland

Areas of Expertise
Predictive Microbial Modelling
Preservation Systems

Research Projects
Research providing a knowledge base to support the sustainable development of the farmhouse cheese industry Verocytotoxigenic E.coli (including E coli O157:H7) in beef and beef products Detection and surveillance of Enterobacter sakazakii along the infant formula food chain

Research Documents

  • Driving Salt Down - Health Benefits, Targets and Regulatory issues - Workshop No. 45
  • Reducing salt : Bread. Relay Workshop No. 40 'A Baker's Dozen', Ashtown Food Research Centre, 8th March, 2007. Workshop Presentation
  • Crowley, H., Cagney, C., Sheridan, J.J., Anderson, W., McDowell, D.A., Blair, I.S., Bishop, R.H. and Duffy, G. (2005). Enterobacteriaceae in beef prodeucts from retail outlets in the Republic of Ireland and comparison of the presence and counts of E. coli O157:H7 in these products. Food Microbiology 22, 409-414 ISSN 0740-0020 10657 A1
  • Cagney, C., Crowley, H., Duffy, G., Sheridan, J.J., O'Brien, S., Carney, E., Anderson, W.A., McDowell, D.A. and Blair, I.S. (2004). Prevalence and numbers of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in minced beef and beef burgers from butcher shops and supermarkets in the Republic of Ireland. Food Microbiology 21: 203-213 ISSN 0740-0020 9814
  • Regulations and Labelling: What will be required by the Authorities - Wayne Anderson - FSA Ireland
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