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Irish Microbial Risk Assessment Network: Newsletter 1

In this issue for Summer 2009

Who are we?

The network is a FIRM funded project being conducted by 14 researchers from 4 institutions across Ireland. The Network Coordinator is Prof Francis Butler UCD ...more

What do we do?

The overall objective of the network is to develop a high calibre, internationally recognised, multidisciplinary network of national experts on the application of microbial quantitative risk assessment. ...more


Network partners are currently working on several microbial risk assessment models. The focus in this Newsletter is the Salmonella risk assessment model.

Slaughter pigs carrying Salmonella are a considerable risk for contamination of the ultimate meat and meat products. Our researchers examined the use of a quantitative risk assessment model aided by meta-analysis to estimate the prevalence of Salmonella spp. on pig carcasses and pork joints. Sensitivity analysis reinforced the importance of final rinsing and chilling as critical points that contribute to reducing the occurrence of Salmonella. ....more


An international scientific meeting on quantitative risk assessment was hosted by the Network in November 2008. The objective of the workshop was to bring together technical risk assessors working in the area of quantitative risk assessment of salmonella in pork to share modelling approaches, technical issues and modelling challenges ....more

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Newsletter 1: Summer 2009