Monitoring Molecules in Neuroscience

Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research

June 16-19 2001, University College Dublin, Ireland.

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Amino Acids/Neuropeptides

Chairpersons: B.Westerink (Groningen) and P. Kalivas (Charleston)

  1. In vivo measurements of brain amino acids: end of story?
    Ben Westerink,
    University Centre for Pharmacy, Groningen, The Netherlands.

  2. The theology of amino acid microdialysis: the mystery of origin and meaning.
    Kristen Keeffe,
    University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA.

  3. In vivo glutamate release: A story of transporters, exchangers and vesicles.
    Peter Kalivas,
    Medical University South Carolina, Charleston, USA.

  4. Loss of dopamine affects striatal glutamatergic function: correlation of microdialysis and immunocytochemistry.
    Charles Meshul,
    Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, USA.

  5. Neurotensin modulates aminoacidergic transmission in the basal ganglia.
    Sergio Tanganelli,
    University of Ferrara, Italy.

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