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UCD Nanomedicine Centre hosts Industry Showcase: Drug delivery vectors, biomarkers and advanced microscopy with talks by Liam Gallagher (In Vivo Imaging), Alex von Kriegsheim (Systems Biology), David Brayden (Drug Delivery), and Jez Simpson (High Content Screening) on 19th October 2012. 

UCD Nanomedicine Centre hosts Industry Showcase: Nanomaterials and characterization techniques for medical devices and diagnostics with talks by Donal O’Shea (Near Infrared Nanoparticles), Brian Rodriguez (Piezoelectric Materials), Iseult Lynch (Nanoparticles: Safer by Design), Dolores Cahill (Protein Arrays), and Gil Lee (Functional Nanoparticles) on 12th October 2012.

UCD Nanomedicine Centre and IDDN Director David Brayden received the highest awarded given by the Controlled Release Society - CRS Fellow on 16th July at their meeting in Quebec; he is the first Irish CRS fellow

UCD Nanomedicine Centre participates in CCAN:  Collaborative Centre for Applied Nanotechnology.

UCD Nanomedicine Centre joins COST action TD1002: European network on applications of Atomic Force Microscopy to NanoMedicine and Life Sciences (AFM4NanoMed&Bio).

UCD Nanomedicine Centre participates in CLINAM:  European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine.