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Technology to license


  1. G.U Lee, D.A. Kidwell and R.J. Colton, "Force Assisted Chemical/Biological Sensor (FACS)," USPTO 5,807,758. Licensed
  2. J.-B. D. Green and G.U Lee, "Addressable Probe Arrays for Singe-Molecule Force Measurements," USPTO 5,992,226.
  3. J.-B. D. Green, A. Novoradovsky and G.U Lee, "Methods for Measuring Intramolecular Forces by Atomic Force Microscopy," USPTO 5,958,701.
  4. G.U Lee, "Ultrasonic Force Differentiation Assay," USPTO 6,086,821.
  5. G.U Lee, "Force Differentiation Assay," USPTO 6,180,418. Licensed
  6. C. Yanavich and G.U Lee, "Nanoporous Membrane Immunoassay," patent issued as USPTO 6,676,904. Licensed
  7. G.U Lee and S.W. Lee, "Mesoporous Membrane Collector and Separator for Airborne Pathogen Detection," USPTO patent issued as 7,037,425, May 2, 2006 publication date.
  8. David H. Thompson, Christine A. Hrycyna, Gil U. Lee, Osman A.Basaran, Kinam Park, and Igal Szleifer. Device and bioanalytical method utilizing asymmetric biofunctionalized membrane” USPTO patent issued as 7,374,944, May 20, 2008 publication date.
  9. Gil Lee, Hao Shang, Won-Suk Chang,” Polymer coated microparticles”, Serial No.: 552324 Filed: October 24, 2006. Accepted Nov 2011. Licensed

Published Patent Applications

  1. Gil Lee, Benjamin Yellen, Randall Erb “Nonlinear Magnetophoretic Separation of Biological Substances”, PCT NO: PCT/US08/07429, Filed: June 14, 2008 Licensed

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