Newman Reader
A website providing the complete uniform edition of all works published by John Henry Newman, plus miscellaneous shorter works. The purpose of Newman Reader is to make the written works of Newman available in as complete and accessible a manner as resources allow. To this end, the site provides four types of content: written works themselves, guides to the works such as indexes, lists and reading suggestions, biographical information to supplement and provide perspective for the works, statements from Popes and others that place Newman's life in perspective.

The National Institute For Newman Studies
Founded in 2003 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The National Institute for Newman Studies provides resources for scholars dedicated to promoting the study and spreading the knowledge of the life, influence, and work of the Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman. It furthers these ends by maintaining the Newman Research Library, sponsoring the Newman Scholarship Program, and publishing the Newman Studies Journal. It seeks to be the central Newman study institute in the USA with the world's most comprehensive library on Newman.

International Centre of Newman Friends
Founded in 1975 by The Spiritual Family The Work to make better known the life and works of John Henry Newman. It is present in Rome, Littlemore (Oxford), Bregenz and Budapest.

Newman Centre at McGill University Montreal
The Newman Centre aims to form an articulate, active and committed Catholic laity, to provide a vibrant social, intellectual and spiritual environment which is enriching for students, teachers, and the community at large, to work closely with people of other denominations and faiths to promote dialogue, respectful appreciation and cooperation in a divided world. The Newman Centre supports and houses the Kennedy-Smith Chair in Catholic Studies. The Chair coordinates courses in the Catholic Studies Minor and sponsors discussion groups and lectures in the university.

The Newman Rambler
A bi-annual journal launched in 1996 as an initiative of the Newman Association of Montreal at McGill University.

The Venerable John Henry Newman Association
The Venerable John Henry Newman Association based in Rensselaer, Indiana, is a not for profit organization dedicated to the study of John Henry Newman.

The Newman Institute for Catholic Studies
The Newman Institute for Catholic Studies in Uppsala is a recently founded centre for theology, philosophy, and cultural studies, initiated by the Jesuits in Sweden and the editors of the periodical Signum.

Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman
A comprehensive collection of Newman links including Newman works, articles and bibliographies.

Birmingham Oratory
Website of the Birmingham Oratory founded by Newman, where Newman’s own library and his original papers are located.

Website of the retreat and study house established by Newman himself in 1842 at Littlemore, Oxford.

The Catholic Newman Center at Temple University
The website of the Catholic Campus Ministry on Temple University, provides wide information about Newman and the Newman Movement.

Newman Center at the University of Massachusetts
The Newman Center offers Catholic worship, a wide variety of related services related and social events for students at the university.

The Newman Society
The Newman Society of Ireland exists to celebrate and share in the remarkable life and works of Cardinal John Henry Newman.

Pascal Engel on Newman's Grammar of Assent

Website about Newman's Idea of a University