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18 Apr 2007 - 'Violence in Sport' Seminar

Venue: Global Irish Institute

Time: 3.00pm

Violence in sport takes a number of forms varying from individual fouls and attacks to large scale fights involving players, and sometimes technical staff and even spectators. This seminar will explore the nature and legal context of violence in sport, the manner in which on-field violence can be addressed and the steps being taken by sporting bodies to combat violent behaviour.

Concern is growing about the increasing incidence of on- and off-field violence in sport. The image of sport is suffering at a time when greater participation in sport is being encouraged as a key element in health promotion. Violence-related injuries can also have serious consequences for the players affected.

Controlled violence lies at the heart of combat sports while physical contact is an integral part of many other sports in which aggression within the rules is acceptable, expected and, indeed, almost essential for victory. Increased fitness and speed of play have heightened the intensity of physical contact while greater psychological focussing and more aggressive tactics have increased the potential for violent clashes between players. In addition, the increased importance of success and the consequent heightened expectation of colleagues, spectators and indeed entire communities has placed huge pressures on players, leading to a willingness to push aggression to its legitimate limits and sometimes beyond.

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