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5 Mar 2007
Hilary Putnam Public Lecture
"The fact/value dichotomy and its critics"

Venue: Clinton Auditorium

Time: 6.00pm

Hilary Putnam the most eminent living English-speaking philosopher has been one of the most influential and prolific American philosophers of the past fifty years. He has written, and continues to write, extensively on a large array of philosophical subjects - his corpus includes 12 books and more than 200 articles. He is particularly celebrated for his contributions to philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of language where his work has been instrumental in establishing the current dominant research paradigms of functionalism in philosophy of mind and semantic externalism in philosophy of language. His work is also seminal to the area of cognitive science.

Please register to attend the event by emailing:


Prof Hilary Putnam is an Honorary Visiting Professor in the UCD School of Philosophy and his visit coincides with an international philosophy conference at UCD celebrating his 80th birthday. For more information on the conference visit

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