This seminar series examines the distinctive challenges of, and response to immigration in the smaller countries of Europe from a comparative and normative perspective.

There are many points of comparison and contrast in the experience of migration in the smaller European states. But these have been considerably overshadowed in research by larger countries, and by those with more established patterns of immigration. The experience of, challenges for, and responses to immigration among the smaller countries of Europe may be distinctive. The aim of this project is to bring together an interdisciplinary network of researchers from seven partner countries (Ireland, Portugal, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom, and Germany) to study these challenges and responses from a comparative perspective, to disseminate this research, and to promote research links further. The series is interdisciplinary, involving historical, legal, political science, normative political theory, sociological and philosophical perspectives. 

The seminars took place in Dublin (December 7-8, 2006), Braga (June 15-16, 2007), Maastricht November 7-8, 2007), and Aarhus (August 24-25).

In developing the comparative study of immigration, the seminars drew on a range of invited experts both on immigration in these countries and on the themes around which the seminars focus, namely: immigration and social cohesion, programmes promoting civic integration, the impact of immigration on citizenship attribution, and religion, public culture and the new immigration.


Dr. Iseult Honohan
(Principal organiser)
Politics and International Relations, University College Dublin
Professor Dora Kostakopoulou Law, University of Manchester
Professor Christian Joppke Political Science, American University of Paris (formerly Sociology, International University, Bremen)
Dr. Maarten Vink Political Science, Maastricht University
Dr. Jørgen Carling International Peace Research Institute, Oslo
Dr. Isabel Estrada International Relations and Public Administration, University of Minho
Professor Per Mouritsen Political Science, and Centre for Study of Journalism, University of Aarhus


Dublin Immigration and Social Cohesion
Braga Promoting Integration through Civic Integration Programmes and Nationality Policies
Maastricht Challenges of Migration for Citizenship Attribution
Aarhus Religion, Public Culture, and the New Immigration