Award: 5 credits at level 1
Duration: 7 weeks
Start Date: January 2014

OSH10020 Occupational Health Hazard Management

This module introduces students to the principles and practices in the management of hazards to health at work. It addresses a wide range of health hazards and the factors that must be considered in implementing health and safety management systems to control the risks and prevent ill health and illness.

What will I study?

On completion of the module the student should be able:
  • To advise management about a wide range of health hazards in their own work place and other low risk environments
  • To describe national and organisational work-related illness prevention strategies
  • To demonstrate knowledge of controls appropriate to a range of risks to health
  • To apply the principles of risk management to a variety of health hazard situations.

How will I study?

  • Lectures - 7 hours
  • Tutorials - 7 hours
  • Specified Learning Activities - 26 hours
  • Autonomous Student Learning - 60 hours
  • Total Workload - 100 hours

How will I be assessed?

Assignment: Assignment 55% Varies over the Semester

Examination: 1 hour examination 45% 1 hour End of Semester Exam

Am I eligible?

Students should normally be working adults, with an interest in, or some responsibility for, occupational safety and health