Award: 5 credits at level 1
Duration: 8 weeks
Start Date: February/March 2014

OSH10030 Occupational Safety Hazard

This module introduces students to the principles and practices in the management of safety hazards at work. It addresses a wide range of safety hazards and the factors that must be considered in implementing health and safety management systems to control the risks and prevent accidents.

What will I study?

  • To advise management about a wide range of safety hazards in their own work place and other low risk environments
  • To describe national and organisational accident prevention strategies
  • To demonstrate knowledge of controls appropriate to a range of risks to safety
  • To apply the principles of risk management to a variety of safety hazard situations.

How will I study?

  • Lectures - 8 hours
  • Tutorials - 8 hours
  • Specified Learning Activities - 24 hours
  • Autonomous Student Learning - 60 hours
  • Total Workload - 100 hours

How will I be assessed?

Assignment: Assignment 55% Varies over the Semester

Examination: 1 hour examination 45% 1 hour End of Semester Exam

Am I eligible?

Students should normally be working adults, with an interest in, or some responsibility for, occupational safety and health