Award: 10 credits at level 9 towards both the 30 Credit Professional Diploma in Education Studies (PDES- Leadership)/ 90 credit Master in Education (Leadership)
Duration: 13/09/2014 - 05/12/2014
Start Date: 13/09/2014 (Semester 1)

EDUC41640 Leadership for Quality Learning

The module comprises three broad areas which focus on different dimensions of leadership for learning and the challenges and opportunities of this perspective for school leadership and management. All elements focus specifically on the need to target school leadership and management activities in order to enhance teaching and learning within the school. The module begins with an examination of key contributors to the school effectiveness/ school improvement debate. The second area of emphasis provides an opportunity for students to examine, understand and criticise the application of principles underpinning the different theories of school leadership with particular emphasis on modern theoretical developments in the area.

The module questions what leaders do and what activities they might engage in that are most likely to be most productive in terms of leading learning for a quality school experience. Themes include:

  1. Significant Signposts in the Evolution of the Field
  2. Leadership: Theories, Concepts and Models
  3. The Practice of Leadership: What the evidence says

Learning outcomes

On completion of this module students will:

  1. Have a informed and critical understanding of the contextual factors that impact educational leadership contexts by examining local, national and international policy developments in the area of school leadership.
  2. Develop a critical insight into the range of leadership theories and perspectives in scholarship by co-constructing a model of leadership that addresses the future needs of Irish education.
  3. Engage in a critical review of national and international research on school leadership in order to inform debate, analysis and synthesis of student learning in the area.



% of Final Grade


The assessment of this module is in the form of a 3,000 word essay that integrates different components of the module



Thematic Group Presentation


Week 12

Contribution to online discussion




Mode of Delivery/Expected Commitment

This is a blended module where students are required to attend college seminars at the UCD campus as part of the course one/two evenings and one Saturday over the course of the semester.

They are also required to contribute to a weekly online discussion forum for 1 hour over the course of the semester. The expected workload is as follows:

  • Lectures online during the semester (independent student work with online material): 40 hours
  • Attendance at seminars on campus: 10 hours
  • Contribution to weekly online discussion forum: 10 hours
  • Group Presentation: 20 hours
  • Student Autonomous Learning (additional reading etc): 80 hours
  • End of semester written assignment: 40 hours