Award: 5 credits at level 4
Duration: 12 weeks
Start Date: January (Semester 2)

ENVB40320 Wildlife Management & Conservation

This module is for students in Semester 2 of the MSc, Graduate Diploma or Certificate in Environmental Sustainability (Negotiated Learning) course.

What will I study?

This module introduces students to a set of skills thatwill allow them to develop and implement management plans for wildlife in an integrated manner.

Topics include:

  • the principles of wildlife ecology
  • wildlife management techniques
  • importance of habitats and carrying capacity
  • methods of assessing population size
  • population dynamics
  • approaches to population viability analysis
  • wildlife and the law
  • a case study

How will I study?

The Wildlife Management module will include:
  • Videos and demonstrations by the lecturers
  • Interactive learning reinforcement quizzes
  • Online assessed multiple choice quizzes
  • Interactive discussion boards
  • Case study of a selected species
  • Development of a management plan for a selected species
  • Optional site visits (depending on location)

Expected Commitment

Students are not required to attend any lectures at the UCD campus as part of the module. However, Students are expected to spend a total 120 hours workload during the semester consisting of:
  • Lectures, videos and other online learning materials (throughout the semester): 24 hours
  • Assessments, project and quizzes (throughout the semester): 24 hours
  • Student Autonomous Learning: 72 hours

How will I be assessed?

In-semester assessment: 50%

2 hour end of semester written exam: 50%

On successful completion of this module I will be able to

At the end of the course students will
  • have developed an understanding of how to approach a management issue relating to a wildlife population.
  • appreciate how habitat quality and quantity affects populations.
  • understand the importance of monitoring populations and of selecting appropriate assessment to census methods.
  • be able to discuss the problems of managing small populations and of managing populations that are approaching carrying-capacity or are invasive.
  • appreciate the importance of national and international legislation as a background to management initiatives
  • be able to critically examine a case study of wildlife management

Am I eligible?

Applicants must hold a minimum of a 2.2 honours level degree in a science, engineering or related discipline.