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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UCD Online?

UCD Online is a new flexible learning initiative from University College Dublin that provides online education for both local and international students through e-learning.

What is a UCD Online course/module/credit?

UCD Online offers full courses that contain a number of modules. Each module is worth a specified number of credits.

Upon successful completion of an individual module you will have earned a number of credits (usually a multiple of 5). Upon successful completion of a pre-specified collection of modules you will have completed a course and earned a qualification.

Each course descriptor outlines the number of modules/credits required to successfully complete the course. For further details please visit UCD Registry here.

What is the difference between a UCD programme and a UCD course?

There is no difference between a programme and a course in UCD. These terms tend to be used interchangeably in UCD. When reading UCD documentation or conversing with UCD staff you should assume that these terms mean the same thing.

What are the ways to study with UCD Online?

There are two ways to study at UCD Online.

Students may choose to study full time and complete their course in the minimum time allowed.

Alternatively, students may choose to follow the Module to Masters route; this allows the student to complete as few modules at a time as they choose, without any obligation to completing the full course. Through the Module to Masters approach students may, later, decide to work towards a qualification where relevant/qualifying modules will contribute to the final award. For more information please see the Module to Masters information page.

Can I study individual modules without completing a course?

Yes. UCD Online promotes Module to Masters as a flexible way to study modulesin any UCD Online course with the potential to work your way towards a qualification. For more information about the qualifications you may earn through each course please visit the course descriptor.

Is Module to Masters more expensive than studying full time?

No. In keeping with the flexibility UCD Online offers you in your studies all students pay fees on a per-module basis, regardless of whether you study full time or from Module to Masters. This is enabled through a credit-based breakdown of fees, which is explained in more detail on the fees webpage.

Who develops UCD Online courses?

All UCD Online courses are developed, delivered and supported by the same world-class academics who educate our campus-based students.

Is a UCD Online degree accredited?

Yes. There is no distinction made between qualifications earned on campus or through UCD Online.

Will my qualification be recognised internationally?

Yes. All University College Dublin qualifications are recognised both nationally and internationally.

Is there any difference between a UCD Online qualification and a UCD qualification earned on campus?

No. UCD makes no distinction between a qualification delivered on campus or through e-learning, via UCD Online. Every UCD course is subject to the same quality assurance procedures regardless of the mode of delivery. A UCD award does not make reference to the mode of study through which the qualification was earned.

Will I attend graduation and receive a UCD degree parchment?

All UCD students are invited to attend a conferring ceremony on campus upon successful completion of their degree course, regardless of whether they study on campus or through UCD Online. All students will be awarded a UCD parchment stating their qualification. The method of study (i.e.,online, face-to-face) is not stated on your parchment. In some cases, a conferring ceremony may also be held for receipt of Certificate/Diploma awards.