MSc and Professional Diploma in Data Analytics


MSc or Professional Diploma (NFQ Level 9)

Qualification Points:

Professional Diploma – 20 credits – equivalent to 4 modules

MSc - 90 credits - equivalent to 18 modules

Duration: Professional Diploma - 1 year (2 semesters) MSc - 3 years (9 semesters)
Start Date: September
UCD Academic Expertise:

This Online Professional Diploma and Online MSc  are offered, delivered and supported by academics in the UCD School of Mathematical Sciences.

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Contact Name: Simon Williams
Contact Number: +353 1 716 2580


This course will help you analyse and understand the large data sets that are regularly being created via the huge growth in freely available online information. This is an exceedingly valuable skill and in strong demand from employers. We see Data Analytics as a subject at the crossroads between statistics and computer science, and our Online Professional Diploma and Online MSc contain elements of both. We will give you the tools to apply these advanced skills to maximum effect in any work-related environment. There are no lectures to attend. Students will be given videos, online demonstrations, and interactive games to enhance their learning, with regular feedback and interaction via course tutors through the UCD website

The Online MSc in Data Analytics covers 18 5-credit modules, two per semester over 9 semesters or 3 years, of which the Online Professional Diploma in Data Analytics covers the first 4. This first year is designed to introduce you to statistical and mathematical concepts in Data Analytics and Data Mining, and to get you started on programming with data. The second year is split between understanding the theory behind statistical and mathematical models for data via predictive analytics, and dealing with data sets at scale using Python and multivariate techniques. The final year covers some advanced methods Monte Carlo, Bayesian analysis, time series data, and complex stochastic models. A provisional list of topics is as follows:

  • Intro to Data Analytics and Advanced Data Analytics (covering the main statistical and computational techniques)
  • Computing modules on: Monte Carlo, R, C, Java, Python and SAS
  • Statistics modules: Predictive Analytics, Multivariate Analysis, Time Series, Stochastic models

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