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How UCD Online Fees work

UCD Online promotes Module to Masters as a flexible pathway to a UCD qualification that allows students to study around their own personal and financial commitments. For most courses, students may choose to take only part of a course and will pay only for the modules they complete. Students that choose to obtain the full qualification by completing the course requirements over a longer time period pay the same as students that register to study the course full time. The fees are the same for all students regardless of nationality and country of residency.

The fee for each course is specified on the course descriptor. The course fee can be divided by number of credits awarded to give a per credit fee. A typical module size is 5 credits although some modules have a higher/lower number of credits.

For example, for a 40 credit course that has a fee of €3,000 the price per credit is €75. A five credit module in this course will therefore cost €375 while a ten credit module will cost €750.

Each course has a minimum (equivalent to full time) and maximum duration in which it can be completed. This timeline starts from the date of the first exam success.

UCD Online fees are all inclusive of registration costs. UCD Online students have full access to campus facilities, including the campus Library and Sports Centre.

For information about the ways to pay your UCD Online fees please visit the UCD fees webpage.