Partnership Committee

The UCD Partnership Committee is a joint management/trade union initiative with membership drawn from University management including the UCD HR, trade union representatives and non-union staff representatives.  Mr Gavan Stanley and Mr. Tommy Murtagh are joint secretaries for the Committee.

Membership of the Committee is as follows:

Management Nominees

Trade Union Nominees
Non-Union Staff Nominees

 Mr Gavan Stanley
(Joint Secretary)

Mr. Tommy Murtagh (Joint Secretary)

Ms. Bronwyn Molony
Ms Aishling Kennedy

Dr Gerard Casey

Mr.Dominic O'Keeffe
Ms. Elizabeth Noonan  Ms Mary Flynn
Professor Pat Gibbons Mr Paul O'Reilly
Ms Marie Bourke Mr Gerry Hayden
Ms Cliona Marsh Ms Yvonne Abbott
Ms Marcellina Kenny Mr John Dunnion
  Mr Tony Boucher

Terms of Reference

  • To provide an overall focus for, and to facilitate and foresee, the development and implementation of the partnership process in UCD.

  • To assist with the implementation of change and modernisation in the University, that will result in joint gains for the institution and its employees.

  • To inform the broad UCD community on our deliberations and to invite balanced suggestions on potential improvements.

  • To make recommendations through the President to the Governing Authority.

  • To complement existing IR machinery by reviewing and monitoring the effectiveness of personnel policies and procedures and making recommendations as appropriate.

  • To widen and deepen the partnership structure by ensuring common ownership by management, unions and staff of the development and implementation of action programmes, by the provision of training, etc. All action programmes will be subject to the availability of funding either from the University or directly from the Higher Education Authority.

Members of the Committee participated on a training programme entitled 'Working Together', which was developed by the National Centre for Partnership. This programme, facilitated by Declan Duke of IPC, was designed to provide guidance in the formation and running of, Partnership Frameworks.