Partnership in University College Dublin

Partnership, as defined in Partnership 2000 for Inclusion Employment and Competitiveness, is:

"an active relationship based on recognition of a common interest to secure the competitiveness, viability and prosperity of the enterprise. It involves a continuing commitment by employees to improvements in quality and efficiency; and the acceptance by employers of employees as stakeholders with rights and interests to be considered in the context of major decisions affecting their employment"

Partnership involves common ownership of the resolution of challenges, involving the direct participation of employees/representatives and an investment in their training, development and working environment".

The parties to the Programme for Prosperity and Partnership (PPF) agreed to extend and deepen the Partnership process initiated in Partnership 2000. The Agreement states that the focus of any discussions will be in the context of developing a better understanding of the challenges facing the enterprise and the measures needed to meet those challenges and to ensure that adequate arrangements for communications are in place in the enterprise.

Partnership 2000 advocates the management of change leading to the modernisation of the Public Service based on a Partnership approach and provides for an award of 2% in the Public Service. Payment of this award was made to all staff in February 2000 following the Partnership framework agreed between management and the trade unions.

The UCD Partnership Committee is the manifestation of the University's commitment to Partnership and the joint approach to the ongoing modernisation of the University.