PhD students

Athanassiadis, Antoine
Supervisor: Brian O'Connor
Topic: Social Critique in Adorno and Foucault

Baicu, Gabriel
Supervisor: Maria Baghramian
Topic: Hilary Putnam and the controversy between philosophy and science

Banfi, Luca
Supervisor: Daniel Esmonde Deasy
Topic: The Shape of Time: An Essay on the Metaphysics and Science of Temporality

Beggan, Liam
Supervisor: Maria Baghramian
Topic: Noam Chomsky’s early use of Wilhelm von Humboldt’s Philosophy of Language

Bizri, Rana
Supervisor: Jim O'Shea
Topic: Understanding our Fundamental Ways of engaging with the World: Beyond Discursive Action (Funded by the IRC)

Boudin, Andrea
Supervisor: Brian O'Connor
Topic: Mortality as a Constitutive Element of Morality

Castagnoli, Andrea
Supervisor: Danielle Petherbridge
Topic: A Kantian decision-making process in the ​contemporary age

Condon, Berniann (PhD in Cognitive Science)
Supervisor: Maria Baghramian
Topic: Image Perception

Corlett, Naomi (MLitt)
Supervisor: Daniel Esmonde Deasy
Topic: Epistemic and Modal Opens of the Future

Di Basilio, Giulio
Supervisor: Tim Crowley
Topic: The Notion of Prohairesis in Aristotle's Philosophy of Action (Funded by the IRC)

Drumm, Eugene (MLitt)
Supervisor: Dermot Moran
Topic: Psychoanalysis, Deleuze and Husserl

Dunne, Seamus (MLitt)
Supervisor: Maeve Cooke
Topic: Agents & Agency - The Relationship of Agents to their Motives, Reasons, Intentions and Actions embodied in the Social World

Dwyer, Austin (PhD in Cognitive Science)
Supervisor: Fred Cummins
Topic: Cognitive Science in Philosophy

Guedj-Cohen, Sacha
Supervisor: Joseph Cohen
Topic: Art and Philosophy

Hariri, Muhannad
Supervisor: Jim O'Shea
Topic: Inferential Intuitions: Evil in Kant and Levinas: Combining Insights in a Novel Theory of Moral Imagination

Hartman, Holly
Supervisor: Tim Mooney
Topic: Nothing About You is Alone

Keenan, Sabrina
Supervisor: Chris Cowley
Topic: The Experience of Ageing

Lennon, Damien
Supervisor: Joseph Cohen
Topic: Eliot, Joyce and the Hermeneutic of Ruin

Lim, Kimberly (MLitt)
Supervisor: Maria Baghramian
Topic: The Rise, Fall and Imminent Rise of Ordinary Language Philosophy

Masterton, Steven
Supervisor: Tim Crowley
Topic: Political Tenets: Virtue, Imperatives & Moral Exemplars

McGrath, Fionn
Supervisor: Maeve Cooke
Topic: The Good Society: Realism, Idealism and the scientific model (Funded by the IRC)

McPartland, Nilantha
Supervisor: Brian O'Connor
Topic: The Anxiety of Decline: A Genealogy of the Idea of a 'Western' Canon of Art

Mitchell, Jonathan
Supervisor: Tim Mooney
Topic: De-forming Bodies: Disability, Time and Becoming (Funded by the IRC)

Morris, Conor
Supervisors: Jim O’Shea
Topic: Work and Spirit: John Dewey’s Theory of Inquiry and the nature of regulative assumptions

Nuwe Agabah, Patrick
Supervisor: Maeve Cooke
Topic: Is there a need to liberate basic human rights from the limi tations of culture?

Ó Madagáin, Caoimhín
Supervisor: Brian O'Connor
Topic: Research and analyse 'modern legal systems' from the point of view of existentialism, particularly from the perspective of Jean Paul Sartre and Friedrich Nietzsche

Papazian, Meline (PhD in Cognitive Science)
Supervisor: Rowland Stout
Topic: TBA

Pringle, John (MLitt)
Supervisor: Jim O'Shea
Topic: Empirical Method applied to a Problem in Ethics , such as Intuitionism or Mind/Body and Behaviourism

Petropoulos, Georgios
Supervisor: Joseph Cohen
Topic: Social Reality, Truth and Interpersonal Relationships

Robinson, Gerard
Supervisor: Rowland Stout
Topic: Philosophy, Physics and the Problem of Conceptual Meaning

Rogers, John
Supervisor: Daniel Esmonde Deasy
Topic: Newman and Planting on the Epistemic Status of Religious Belief

Ruggeri, Cinzia
Supervisor: Dermot Moran
Topic: The figures of intersubjectivity in Max Scheler’s thought (Funded by the IRC)

Smith, Robert
Supervisor: Markus Schlosser
Topic: The Nonconceptual Epistemological Limit: The Normative- Affective Disposition

Sun, Fanqi
Supervisor: Joseph Cohen
Topic: Nietzsche's Life Philosophy

Wong, Lilian (MLitt)
Supervisor: Rowland Stout
Topic: A Phenomenological Account of the Constitution of an Intersubjective World of Self-silencing

Zhang, Junguo
Supervisor: Dermot Moran
Topic: The Logical Contradiction of Anselm's Ontological Argument

Recently completed students

Burns, Tim - Visiting Assistant Professor, Loyola Marymount University (USA)
Cadwell, Stephen 
Cosgrave, Bernard
Cherouvis, Stephanos - Research & Development, Ellinogermaniki Agogi (Greece)
Cummins, Hugh
Doyle, Siobhan - Occasional Lecturer, UCD School of Philosophy
Dolezal, Luna - Lecturer, Philosophy & Medical Humanities, University of Exeter

Dong, Le
Ennis, Paul - Lecturer/Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems, Quinn School of Business, 
                   University College Dublin

Foley, Robert - Postdoctoral Fellow, Rotman Institute, University of Western Ontario
Foran, Lisa - Lecturer, University of Newcastle
Gallagher, Michael (MLitt)
Giannankakis, Evangelos
Grünfeld, Martin
Hogan, Sinéad - Lecturer, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology
Hyland, Sheena - Lecturer in Educational Development, UCD Teaching & Learning, University College Dublin
James, Seferin
Kinsella, Maurice
Kinsella, Michael
Kretzschmar, Sven (MLitt) - EFACIS Coordinator, Irish College/Leuven Centre for Irish Studies, KU Leuven (Belgium)
Marini, Simone - Adjunct Assistant Professor, Trinity College Dublin
McGuire, John -  Marie Curie Global Research Fellow, UCD/McMaster University (Canada)
McHugh, Fergal
Millan, Daniel

Morris, Conor
Morrissey, Brian
Newman, Hugo
Nic Eodhasa, Emma
Nicholson, Anna
O'Connor, Andrew (MLitt)
Setola, Patrizia - Research Fellow in Animal Ethics, UCD School of Philosophy
Shanahan, Mary Kennedy - Lecturer in Religious Education, St Angela's College, Sligo
Sorem, Erik - Adjunct Professor, Azusa Pacific University (USA)
Uljée, Rozemund - University Lecturer, Leiden University
Vaughan, Connell - Lecturer in Aesthetics and Critical Theory in the Dublin School of Creative Arts (DIT)
Walsh, Jason - Journalist
Walsh, Joseph
White, Peter
Zantvoort, Bart