John McGuire


John McGuire is a PhD candidate for the UCD School of Philosophy. His MA thesis studied the epidemiological character of chronic non-communicable illnesses from two competing theoretical positions (Foucauldian archaeological criticism and Gadamerian therapeutic dialogue).


Paper: "A Body Politic? : A Defence of a Cognitivist Ethics"

Jürgen Habermas’ discourse ethics are rooted in a sympathetic application of the social-psychological models of Laurence Kohlberg and G.H. Mead, wherein a linguistically constituted intersubjectivity, mediated by cultural institutions, replaces the foundational subject. Feminist critics have questioned Habermas’ prioritisation of the vertical identifications of positive law and democratic rights over the horizontal, affectively mediated relations of kinship, compassion, and sexuality (drawn in part from an inherent normativity of the flesh). This essay will attempt to show how the determination of a valid domain for moral action has immediate implications for Habermas’ parallel concern with post-national collective will-formation.