Nathaniel Stern


Nathaniel Stern is an internationally exhibited installation and  video artist, net.artist and printmaker. He is currently working  towards a production- and research-based PhD on interactive art and  embodiment at Trinity College, Dublin. Recent works include solo 
exhibitions of art in South Africa and Ireland, academic writing in  the Leonardo Journal of Art, Science and Technology and  Consciousness, Theatre, Literature and the Arts 2007, and write-ups  on his practice in NY Arts Magazine and Printmaking Today. For more  information, visit nathanielstern.com.


"Social-Anatomies: Intercorporeality in Interactive Art"
In this paper, I look to Jean-Luc Nancy and Nick Crossley in order to set up ‘social anatomies’: a thematic category within a broader  framework for critiquing interactive art. These are works that  attend, and intervene in, how bodies per-form – are dispersed, 
enacted, entwined, interfered, differentiated, shared and  continuously embodied – with each other. Here, elements from the social and the affective body are accented together, to make explicit  the implicit, and versa vice. I will also discuss several case 
studies to illustrate work that exemplifies, or rather embodies, social-anatomies.