Embodied Subjectivity

Professor Dermot Moran (UCD, School of Philosophy), Dr Rasmus Thybo Jensen (UCD, School of Philosophy), Luna Dolezal (Ph.D.-student, UCD) Sheena Hyland (Ph.D.-student, UCD

This conference on Subjectivity and Embodied Consciousness is the largest of a series of three international workshops and conferences to be held in the Spring semester 2010 as part of the IRCHSS-funded research project “The Phenomenology of Consciousness and Subjectivity” (Principal Investigator Professor Dermot Moran). In addition, the conference will stand as the third international interdisciplinary embodiment conference following on in the series hosted and organized by the UCD School of Philosophy. The two previous conferences were Perspectives on the Body and Embodiment (2007) www.ucd.ie/philosophy/bodyconference and Perspectives on Intercorporeality and Intersubjectivity (2008) www.ucd.ie/philosophy/iiconference

Aim of the Workshop
The primary aim of the conference is to explore the nature of embodied subjectivity generally and more specifically the contribution of phenomenology as a methodology for exploring this first-person dimension of human experience. The conference will bring together leading international researchers from a variety of disciplines (predominantly philosophy but also cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology and other related disciplines).