Intentionality Workshop

Organisers: Professor Dermot Moran (UCD), Dr Lilian Alweiss (TCD), Dr Rasmus Thybo Jensen (UCD)

Aim of Workshop
Ever since Brentano revitalized the notion of intentionality to define mental phenomena, it has been the centre of much debate with little consensus. Do all conscious phenomena display intentionality? Are all genuinely intentional phenomena conscious? Does the intentionality of consciousness rely on a relation to existing object or is it entirely independent of the existence of that which is intended? Both phenomenologists and analytical philosophers have engaged separately with these questions but recently these questions have again become the focus of shared investigations.

This workshop aims at advancing research on the concept of intentionality, drawing on the resources of both recent phenomenology and philosophy of mind, as well as exploring the common historical roots of these philosophical traditions. Special attention will be given to the question of the intentional relation to non-existent objects.