UCDVO had it's 2017 project review day last Saturday; the attached slides give a flavor of the achievements of all projects including the healthcare projects.

This year 19 physiotherapy students travelled to India or Uganda to partner projects, (12 UG 3rd year, 2 grad entry; 5 UG 4th year returned to projects) and 5 physiotherapy tutors.

This year also saw the development of Nutrition and Dietetics project in Kisiizi, Uganda, with nutrition and dietetics students from our school also participating, led by Aifric O'Sullivan (UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science) and Clare Corish.

Ferrando Centre in Northeast India                                                                                       


 Kisiizi Hospital in Uganda.   


    Kisiizi Hospital in Uganda.


 ‌Nurture Africa in Nansana, Uganda