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High energy astrophysics in Ireland

The story of high energy astrophysics in Ireland began in UCD Physics with the experiments of Prof. Neil Porter in the early 1960's. This story is highlighted in the following RTE podcast (from 5 minutes in):

Neil Porter was a member of staff in Experimental Physics from 1958 to 1989, having been appointed Professor of Electron Physics in 1963. His group explored the field of High Energy Cosmic Radiation. With the passage of time the group prospered as it established collaborative research programs with many US and UK institutions including Harvard, Chicago, UCLA, Michigan and Leeds. The collaboration developed and pioneered a high-speed imaging technique which gave rise to the field of high energy gamma-ray astronomy and led to the discovery of the first galactic and extragalactic cosmic sources of extremely penetrating radiation. This photo from the 60's show Neil Porter (left) with his colleagues in the lab.

Neil Porter with colleagues