Ideal for all graduates of Physics and Engineering 




Why study Space ? 

  • The space sector is growing fast, driven by the increasing demands of space exploration, Earth observation, telecommunications and satellite navigation. 
  • It offers a huge diversity of career opportunities
  • Employers have difficulty finding graduates with 'space expertise'.  

Why study Space in Ireland ? 

  • Ireland's Space Industry is on the rise, with 40 companies currently operating in the sector. 
  • Ireland provides strategic access to Europe for US multinationals, such as Curtiss-Wright, via a base in Ireland. 
  • Ireland is a long-standing member of ESA, with 70 companies participating in ESA contracts since 2000. Irish companies and researchers are involved in contracts for the Herschel and Planck Space Observatories, as well as the Rosetta mission, Solar Orbiter, Gaia and the James Webb Space Telescope. 

Why study Space at UCD ? 

  • UCD has many active reseachers in Space, in areas from mechanical and materials engineering to fundamental physics. 
  • UCD Physics is home to spin-out company Parameter Space who design software data tools for ESA's Gaia mission. 
  • UCD Physics is leading the EIRSAT-1 satellite project. 
  • UCD Physics adjunct staff includes Prof M Perryman, of ESA's Hipparcos and Gaia missions, and Dr Ronan Wall of Nordic multinational Nammo

Where do students go on internship ? 

Where do our graduates go next ?

What are the MSc programme highlights ? 

  • Open to all graduates of Physical Sciences, Engineering, Computing and Mathematics 
  • Choice of your own curriculum 
  • Unique access to senior industry figures in workshop sessions 
  • Design and launch a small satellite 
  • Design a large space mission from start to finish 
  • Unique placement opportunities 

What will I learn ? 

You will learn about the hazards for spacecraft operating in space, but also how space is critical to modern living including applications from Astronomy to Earth Observation, from Telecommuncations to Satellite Navigation. You will design a space mission, build and launch a small satellite, and network with industry professionals. You will also be supported in organising an industry or academic placement. 

How will I benefit ? 

You will enhance your CV with 'space expertise', which is much sought-after by employers in the sector. Modules are taught by a combination of experienced academic staff and senior industry practitioners to provide students with knowledge and skills which are highly relevant to recruitment needs.  

 "One of the limiting factors in terms of our growth… is the ability to recruit qualified, highly skilled, personnel… It is an exciting development to have a MSc Space Science and Technology at University College Dublin."

- Derek Harris, Business Development Manager at Nammo

How do I apply ? 

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