Entry Options

This MSc is a 90 ECTS course, which may be taken full-time in one year or part-time over a maximum of five years (limited to ensure the content remains relevant). Other entry options include a 30 ECTS Graduate Certificate or a 60 ECTS Graduate Diploma, without the research project component. Stand-alone modules may also be taken (e.g. for continuous professional development) without resulting in a qualification. 

  • MSc  (i.e. 90 credits, including 30-45 credit research project), course code: F060
  • Graduate Diploma  (i.e. 60 credits of taught modules), course code: F093
  • Graduate Certificate  (i.e. 30 credits of taught modules), course code: F092
  • Continuous Professional Development  (i.e. stand-alone modules)


Entry Requirements

Masters:  A 2.1 honours or equivalent in a primary degree in any area of Physics or Engineering.

Diploma, Certificate, CPD:  A primary degree in any area of Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Computing.

Transferring between CPD, Cert, Dip and MSc tracks

On completion of the appropriate number of modules to an appropriate standard within a five year period, transfer to a Cert, Dip or MSc track is permitted. For example, for those with lower than a 2.2 honours or equivalent in a primary degree, there is the options to enter via the Graduate Diploma track. Upon successful completion of the taught modules, the student may then choose to transfer to the MSc track and proceed directly to a research project in order to be awarded a MSc instead of a Graduate Diploma. Likewise, a student who enrolls in the Graduate Certificate may choose to transfer to the Graduate Diploma track and eventually the MSc track, upon successful completion of all taught modules. Meanwhile, a CPD student may wish to transfer to any track, and can do so upon meeting the requirements.

Transfer Requirements: 

  • To transfer to the Certificate or Diploma track, there is no additional requirement beyond the entry requirement.
  • To transfer to the MSc track, the student must achieve 2.2 honours equivalent (GPA>2.48) across all (minimum of 45 ECTS) taught modules taken to-date.

NOTE:  All entry options require that for non-native speakers, an English language requirement must be met via an IELTS score of 6.5, unless the primary degree was conducted through English. For IELTS of 5.5, there is a pre-masters option which guarantees access to the MSc after 1 year.