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Dr Brian Vohnsen MSc PhD

Honours & Awards:

Year: 2011.
Title: Senior Status of the Optical Society of America
Year: 2008.
Title: Stokes Award
Year: 2003.
Title: Ramon y Cajal Award

Professional Associations:

Association: Optical Society of America (OSA), Function/Role: Lifetime Senior member
Association: Institute of Physics (IOP) Ireland, Function/Role: Member
Association: The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO), Function/Role: Member
Association: Danish Optical Society (DOPS) below the European Optical Society (EOS), Function/Role: Member


Retinal imaging systems with improved resolution. Inventor(s):B. Vohnsen, D. Rativa, Submitted: 23-DEC-09

Conference Contributions:

B. Vohnsen (2012) EMVPO-6 ( [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], 6th EOS Topical Meeting on Visual and Physiological Optics, University College Dublin, Ireland , 20-AUG-12 - 22-AUG-12.
Rebecca McQuaid, JiaJun Li, Arthur Cummings, Michael Mrochen, and Brian Vohnsen (2011) Comparison of Accelerated Corneal Cross-Linking (AXL) to Standard Cross-Linking (CXL) using Second Harmonic (SH) Optical Microscopy Imaging. [Oral Presentation], 7th International Congress of Corneal Cross-Linking, Zurich, Switzerland , 09-DEC-11 - 10-DEC-11.
B. Vohnsen, J. Li, A. Jewel (2011) Second-Harmonic Microscopy for Cornea Collagen Fibril Imaging: Theoretical and Experimental Optimization. [Oral Presentation], Frontiers in Optics, OSA 2011, San Jose CA , 16-OCT-11 - 20-OCT-11.
B. Lochocki, D. Rativa, and B. Vohnsen (2011) Foveal and parafoveal cone-photoreceptor characterization of the 1st Stiles-Crawford effect. [Poster Presentation], Photonics Ireland 2011, Malahide, Ireland , 07-SEP-11 - 09-SEP-11.
J. Li, B. Vohnsen (2011) Second-harmonic microscopy optimization of cornea collagen-i fibril imaging. [Poster Presentation], Photonics Ireland 2011, Malahide, Ireland , 07-SEP-11 - 09-SEP-11.
S. Castillo, B. Vohnsen (2011) Visual impact of interference gratings created with a liquid-crystal spatial light modulator (poster award). [Poster Presentation], Photonics Ireland 2011, Malahide , 07-SEP-11 - 09-SEP-11.

Committee Work:

Committee : Optical Society of America Vision and Color Section
Committee : Vision and Color committee of the Frontiers in Optics, Optical Society of America
Committee : Human Research Ethics Committee - Sciences (HREC)
Committee : NanoBio Science MSc programme coordinator and admission tutor
Committee : Graduate Teaching Programme Board (GTPB)
Committee : Science Promotion Committee (SPC)


Year 1998 Institution: Aalborg University, Denmark
Qualification: PhD Subject:
Year 1994 Institution: Aalborg University, Denmark
Qualification: MSc Subject:




Guest editor Journal of Ophthalmology, manuscript due date: 03/02/2012
SPIE Optics Educational Degree Programme representative for UCD - Physics

Outreach Activities:

UCD Open Days 12/11/2011
New ERA presentation "AN EYE FOR PHYSICS - and the Biophysics of Vision -" at HEAR and DARE Orientation at UCD 30/08/2011
"Where do I come from and why did I choose a career in (Optical) Physics?" Presentation for 1st year students at UCD 09/09/2011
Transition year talk "An eye for physics" March 10th 2011
08.02.2011 Invited talk "An eye for physics - an inside view on the physics of the human eye" at National University of Ireland Maynooth ASTRO2 physics society.
30.11.2010 School of Physics Open Evening